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My role as a celebrant is to do everything I can to ensure your ceremony is not only what you want it to be, but also that it will be a memory you and your friends and family will look back on and cherish forever.

Your marriage is a statement of commitment between two people who have chosen to live their lives together; it should be your ceremony, crafted to reflect your personalities and preferences.

While there are some serious legal words that must be included and cannot be changed, these don’t take up much time. Your ceremony must include them but they should be surrounded by components that reflect your personalities and wishes. These could incude readings, prayers, rituals, bindings, candles, rings, movement, vows, poems, songs or whatever you want to include, within reason.

Your wedding can be formal and serious, informal and lighthearted; it’s up to you. Time and place are also up to you, indoor, outdoors, daytime, nighttime.

My goal, to work with a couple to help you develop a workable wedding ceremony that reflects your wishes and personalities. small or large, formal or casual.

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